5 Favorites: What I Can’t Leave Home Without!

I’ve traded in my pocketbook for a cross body vintage bag I picked up at the Goodwill. In the summer months I like to be free from all the paper clutter and junk I typically lug around, but there are certain items you may never want to leave home without


Palo Santos 

Palo Santo in spanish legit means “Holy Wood.” The tree grows on the coast of South America and has been used for its cleansing and healing properties. I use it personally to keep myself grounded and clear. As soon as I light it up I feel the tension I’ve been holding in my shoulders released. You can find more information here.


When I find down time throughout the day I love finding a place in the city to sit and enjoy a good book (Sometimes that place is a crowded subway cart). I’m currently enjoying the author Don Miguel Ruiz who is a Toltec Spiritualist that shares his own knowledge about spiritual enlightenment. You can learn more about him and some of the books he’s written here.


So I used to have the Carmex pot, but people would ask to use some and I would always say yes even though I wanted to say no because I don’t like sharing germs with nobody but my boyfriend and also get your own carmex why you outside with ashy lips? Speaking of ashy why are you out here with ashy elbows its the summer time baby you gotta feel like your best self. I typically carry Whip Appeal (The Shea Butter based hair + body butter I created, yes that was a serious plug) but I ran out.

Card Holder

Hot Pink Furla Card Holder purchased at the Century 21 in downtown Brooklyn for $20.

What’s In Your Wallet? (Seriously why am I so corny?)

I have a debit card from City National Bank of Newark New Jersey  a black owned bank whose sole mission since 1971 has been to give back to POC. I hope that you too will also make this change with me. If you are not in NY/NJ don’t fret SaintHeron has made a list of black-owned banks all across America. Spread the word.


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