My First Online Order 11:22AM.

The girls wanna be All Whipped Up

*Hair Flips Dramatically* 

I got an email that someone had purchased Whip Appeal online. I knew that I made my product accessible online, but everyone ordering has just been texting me and telling me to come through for the normal chat and exchange. I liked meeting up with all the men and women that I know and seeing their faces as they opened jars of something I worked so hard at creating and use daily. I’m proud of my product. It’s all natural, smells good, works wonders, and it’s my baby. I don’t  have all the answers, but I’m glad that I know so many people who hold me accountable for finding those answers. Take a look at the website in which I discuss what my product is, how it’s used and purchasing. Thank you. 




Whip Appeal


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