On My Way To Work 9:53AM.

My morning routine consists of walking to the train and stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts. Typically I order a medium green iced tea (unsweetened) and a banana. Today wasn’t a typical day. When the cashier asked me what I wanted I mumbled “Vanilla frosted doughnut with sprinkles” and accepted the greasy bag with my face down. I knew I didn’t NEED the doughnut, but I wanted it. I get to the train station and put the doughnut to my lips. Allowed the sugary sweetness of the first bite of the stale doughnut to take over me and then spit into the bag and crumbled it, along with the doughnut contents up. What happened between me wanting abs and that Morning walk to Dunkin Donuts? The mixture of me feeling the loss of control of my life, with the anxiety of the week ahead made me want to give up. Knowing that I don’t have control over the natural ebb and flow of life and still wanting to control everything is a challenge I face every day, but it’s up to me to see my triggers and actively work on them. I hope this inspires you to put your morning doughnut down.


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