An Open Letter To You, From Me.

Sometimes I grapple with whether or not I really am for the Black Girl Magic Sisterhood movement. There, I said it. Of course, all of this is subjective to the way in which I maneuver in the world and it is a constant battle being able to open myself up to Black Women, but can we just be honest for a minute. What is Black Girl Magic? Sisterhood? Selfies? Hashtags? New Instagram Followers? Originally I saw it as a way to change the negative stigmas of what it means to be a darker Black Girl/Woman, but it has morphed into a who’s who in the caste system of Black social society.

A lot of the necessary work in mending the relationships between Black women has taken the back burner. So I’m here seeking help and hope that we can heal together. I don’t consider myself a hater (Starts hating), but in looking out for my own energy I have removed plenty of black women from around me. I stopped hanging out with my Love and Hip Hop friends because we stopped participating in the same things and grew apart. I distanced myself away from the artsy girls because it was too clicky and I had my fair share of being a mean girl in High School (I look at it as moving backward). Worst of all is that I’ve stopped what could be meaningful relationships with lighter black women because I see how society’s affinity towards lighter skin granted them more privileges than myself or my darker skinned friends (none of this being their fault). My relationship with my own mother is limited to polite conversation in hopes that neither of us steps on the toes of the other and open up years of stifled emotions and lastly, I am still healing and mending the relationship with myself.

It’s interesting though, being on the journey and taking the time to self-reflect I’m aware of these characteristics in myself and others and want to change them. The Superficiality of Black Girl Magic pains me because I can see how far we can go if we’re vulnerable enough to be genuine and work together. So here I go:

Since turning twenty-five I have been on a journey of finding inner peace and higher consciousness. I believe that through finding this strength I can, in turn, help other Black men and women and we can, in turn, help our community. Every day I open my heart up more and more through forgiveness, release, and love. I believe that the broken relationships were not caused by faults of our own, but not doing the necessary work of removing those stigmas and conditionings will be. I challenge myself and you to be more receptive to someone today with genuine concern. Finally,  I challenge myself and you to question what your biases are and figure out ways to combat them.


With Love,



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