Commit To You

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It is what you do that makes you good”

Malcolm Gladwell

            I found myself consumed by my own thoughts. Unable to enjoy being in the moment and being grateful for the life I have, right now, in this moment, as I type this. Something about being trapped in your own mind stops you from having a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. I decided (After reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle) that I would no longer be the Judge or the Victim of my own thoughts and that I would fully invest in being on a journey of finding inner peace. I hope that while I am still working on me that I can, in turn, help you.


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I’m Lakisha, I’m twenty-four, I have a couple profile pictures from Facebook and I started my Tinder because people started downloading books and stopped being cute in the Library. In reality, I was interested in my friend’s online dating stories: A friend picked up his date and she had Nike Tights with a matching hat. Another met a guy who stayed on his phone the whole time, and both friends still have active profiles. What steered them to online dating? Could the stories be that bad? I spent nine days out of a two-week trial trying to figure it out for myself.

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The Glo-Up:

If I told you about the things that have happened to me you would probably think I’m talking about another person. I’m reserved, bright, and some even say intimidating, but I’ve grown into this person. I want to say I started cutting my hair as a way to gain some sort of control over my life. I believe it to be two drastic times: An uneven bob my junior year in High School, and one night with a razor January 2011. I won’t say it was completely over a man, but finding out he was dating someone else at his college while I stayed in the city did play a role. I was more upset with myself, though. When I looked at myself I saw a liar, someone who presented herself as one way, but clearly, my life was in shambles. I cut my hair off and got it professionally cut at the barber shop the next day. He told me I was a brave chick, but I felt like I had just made the worst mistake of my life.

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Discussing Race with Children.

In light of what is happening across the globe I know it may be difficult to explain to children what’s going on. It is important to that we begin to unpack hard to grasp concepts such as race, power, and privilege. Below is a list of books, and websites that can be used as tools to begin to unclutter these difficult conversations that continue to plague our society in ways that children can wrap their heads around.

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